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Analysis and Design Workshops

2AB Analysis and Design Workshops are a key decision making tool. We always begin by identifying a business problem and setting goals and objectives consistent with solving the problem. We work with you to identify key participants for the face-to-face workshop focus session. The focus session is a workshop facilitated by a senior architect with an emphasis on making the key decisions necessary to achieve the goals of the workshop and identifying the next steps for implementation of those decisions. Because our focus is YOUR business problem, each workshop is as unique as the company for whom it is designed.

A workshop may focus on Enterprise Integration or on a specific aspect and/or viewpoint of computing architecture, such as security. Workshops may also be used to obtain architecture reviews of existing plans or proposals before projects are progressed. Many companies choose to use the first workshop to identify and prioritize business problems and establish a "roadmap" for resolution of key architectural issues before implementation of an e-business and/or systems integration strategy.

Key Benefits:
  • Emphasis on decision making sets a clear direction
  • Gains consensus from stakeholders on approach
  • Professional assistance in identifying best practices
  • Practical advice from experienced architects


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