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2AB is a provider of Trusted Middleware for Distributed Business.

2AB's Middleware division offers the middleware, identity and access management tools needed by application developers to integrate systems and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

2AB is a business partner of IBM, Intel, HP and Microsoft. The orb2product suite is available for Java, C and C++ on AIX, HP-UX (PA-RISC and ia64), OpenVMS (ALPHA and ia64) and Windows. The middleware division is lead by a former Object Management Group Architecture Board member with over 35 years of distributed computing experience.


We focus on providing industry standards-based products and services for our customers. We enable our customers to focus on the business functionality that is unique to their core business.


Founded in 1997, 2AB, Inc provided professional services and custom integrated software solutions and in 2000 added depth to their portfolio by offering a premier suite of middleware integration and security software products. With Corporate Head quarters in Shelby County Alabama, 2ABís client list spans the globe solidifying a true commitment to service from a dedicated team of professionals.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations!
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