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We believe in teamwork. The 2AB culture fosters an environment that combines exceptional talent, mutual respect for the skills of others and a passion for fairness and integrity. We know that talented, technical people thrive in environments that provide interesting, challenging work and allow them to work with people whose skills and talents complement their own and challenge them to continuously improve. We expect that our senior technical members will view the opportunity to provide leadership and mentoring as an opportunity to broaden the scope of their capabilities and to experience the satisfaction of helping others grow professionally. To provide "Trusted Solutions for Distributed Business" requires skilled players in diverse technical and leadership positions working as a team toward a common goal. Successful teams understand that talent is important, but that exceptional individual talent just isn't enough to win consistently.

We believe in competition. Competition allows us to test our skills, validate our strategies and evaluate our strengths and weakness as we focus on exceeding our customers' expectations. We understand that we compete not only for business but also for talent. We measure ourselves by our ability to attract the best talent and foster a working environment that provides opportunities for professional growth.

We believe in fair play. In every effort, we demand integrity - we believe it is important to understand and follow the rules; that the ultimate high of winning only comes when you know you earned your reward honestly.

We believe in dedicated responsible work ethics. We believe that if we provide interesting, challenging work and the responsibility to produce that people will respond by doing their best. We believe that there is a huge difference between honest mistakes and carelessness; between an honest underestimate of level-of-effort required and inappropriate time management. We expect that people will take immediate responsibility for their mistakes and learn from them.

We believe that people should be compensated based on the value they bring to the company. Our salary and bonus plans are structured to provide maximum compensation to those who bring maximum value to 2AB.

We respect the diversity of factors that motivate individuals. We strive to offer a variety of options and incentives in our working environment, our compensation plans and our benefits structure. We believe that allowing individuals to make conscious decisions about their employment agreement and commitments will aid us in attracting and retaining the people we need.

We believe that people who have jobs they love approach work like a sport they love to play. They believe in working hard to develop and maintain skills and in being confident of their individual capabilities. They know they will never be as good as they want to be - so arrogance is not an option. They know that coaches are important; mistakes are what you learn from; and that each day they should strive to find something to be proud of in their work. They understand that frustration is as much a part of the game as the euphoria of winning. They know that in every position talent, experience and attitude matters; and the team members that succeed must respect and leverage the talents of others.

We believe in charitable giving. We believe that we have a responsibility not only to our customers but also to the communities where we live and work. We encourage our employees to consider giving by setting an example. 2AB donates 1% of gross revenue to charity each year.

We believe in sound business practices. We believe that profit matters. The foundation behind our capability to provide quality service to our customer and fair compensation to our employees is a keen eye on the bottom line. We manage our money and that of our customers with at least the same attention to detail that we manage our personal finances.

We believe in exceeding our customers' expectations
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