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Partner Program    

Why did we create a partner program?
One of the biggest concerns in protecting business and personal information is the cost of integrating access control. You realize that hardcoding security polices in applications is a bad idea... but that is typical today because it appears to keep the initial investment (the development cost) low. Hey... it's just 5 lines of code (here, there and everywhere!). Your programmer is funded so you don't "see" the extra cost. You know the price will be paid in maintenance (change a security policy - you've got to put out a new release!), but you can't think about that now. For the ISV, you must make access policy configurable - so first you build something simple, but now you've got to build an authorization engine and provide the customer with graphical administrative tools! Pretty soon your resources are writing security software, not business software!

Something is wrong... but we do understand!

What are the benefits?
We build software, so we understand the high cost of building and supporting software products. Our development partner program is designed to allow ISVs to defer the cost of service licenses until your product is ready to move out of the development organization. Stand-alone development licenses provide everything the developer needs to integrate and unit test with our products. We will also put your logo on our web site and maintain links to your product information.

So.. we offer an alternative that significantly reduces the total cost of building, maintaining and administering trusted applications, and we keep the development cost low for you.

By de-coupling the access control software from the business application, your developers can concentrate on what they do best - building business software!

For more information on the Partner Program e-mail: businessdev@2ab.com

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